David Sandercott

At 5’3 David Sandercott set a goal of being the shortest high fashion model ever. He also decided that he was going to meditate to get there, and he made it in three years. In 2001 David was the shortest male model ever to appear in Vogue Magazine, photographed by Helmut Newton in six pages alongside supermodel Kate Dillon. David has also appeared in several national commercials, movies, and TV shows. His last modeling job paid him $9,000 for a 6 hour day.

David has been meditating for 20 years now and studied with a Spiritual Master for 11 year,.trained in Kundalini Meditation and Jnana Yoga. David has been teaching since 2012. His first book 21 Day Meditation Journey Connect With Spirit Everyday In A New Way was  published  by Wellness Ink in May 2018.

The only thing David has been doing longer than Meditating is studying nutrition and fitness. At age 12 I was already lifting weights, By 16 I was an All State Athlete, Coached high school wrestling for 3 years after graduation. Certified personal trainer at age 22 and a Level 1 CrossFit coach in 2011.Maintain around 8% body fat for over 9 years. Meditation and exercise have always gone hand and hand for him.

David has been a vegetarian for over 10 years and just finished his third year as a vegan.