This book serves as a basic guide to being happy and healthy. Most of what you  will learn may shock you.  You know that you are suppose to eat fruits and vegetables, yet you might not have any idea how unhealthy your diet and lifestyle really is, or what healthy eating really means.

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Steven S. Sadleir the Director of The Self Awarness Institute and co-founder of Enlightenmentnow. Thousands of hours of reserch went into this book.

Is it just about eating vegetables?

No. This is a full comprehensive health guide addressing all the major health concerns of the modern age.
Why should I read this Health HandBook?

This book can literally save your life and set you on the path to your Healthiest and Happiest life. You have everything to gain by reading it, and nothing to lose.

Will I start feeling Healthy and Happier right away?

If you are willing to start making healthy changes right away you will start feeling healthy and happier right away.