David Sandercott

David Sandercott is the author of 21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect With Spirit Everyday In A New Way, a life & business coach, and speaker. David is also excited to announce that is in now working with small businesses and large corporations.

In 1998, David decided to be the shortest high fashion model ever; he also decided that he was going to meditate himself there. In 2001, David was the shortest male model ever to appear in Vogue Magazine in a six-page spread shot by Helmut Newton alongside supermodel Kate Dillon.
Ever since David has been inspired to help others achieve their dreams.



Q & A With David

Q:  What inspired you to start meditating and be the world’s shortest high fashion model?

I read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and it inspired me to believe that I could do anything I wanted in life, so long as I could believe in myself, make a firm decision, and meditate.

I can remember the day I made the decision; I was lying in my backyard, reading the book and sunbathing. Being a model seemed like a lot of fun and I would be required to be in great shape and work out all the time, which is what I really wanted to do.

 That and the fact that I would have to meditate really felt right to me. I can remember being around 12 years old lying in my bed, wanting to find my higher self. Thinking to myself, “I am going to find my higher self in this lifetime.” Meditation seemed like the way I could find my higher self.

 Q:  What did you do after modeling and acting?

This turned out to be the second time in my life that I found myself in a time of deep depression; even having thoughts of ending my life. I was living in fear of what was next, wondering, “What am I going to do? How am I going to take care of myself?”

I decided to move into one of my best friend’s closets in Santa Monica and to go to Nicaragua for 6 weeks. This was a life changing experience and one of the best things I ever did for myself. I meditated every day and read about a dozen books. I found my center and went back to Santa Monica with a clear head. 

I decided to pursue real estate investing while earning a living as a Bartender. It is interesting that the decision to be a real estate investor is what lead me to my Spiritual Teacher and never lead to any actual real estate deals.

 After I discovered that real estate investing was not for me, I joined a direct selling company. I sold high-priced personal development products. The company offered incredible training; one of the 5 principles of success that was followed by company-wide was Daily Meditation. This company was my family for three years. I helped several entrepreneurs earn their first $1,000 and $5,000 dollar profits. This is where my coaching practice really started. 

Unfortunately, with the changing economy, the company went out of business. Shortly after, I found myself in the deepest darkest depression I have ever faced; 2010 had to be the worst year of my life. At one point in December, I was literally in the fetal position on the couch for 3 weeks, feeling really terrible about myself. All I thought about was ending my life and how to do it.  

 Q: How did you reconnect with your calling to meditate and become a spiritual business coach?

 One day in January, 2011, I opened an email from my Spiritual Teacher and reconnected with the Self Awareness Institute. I purchased the at home study course; it was a year-long program for $20 a month. I had to use a credit card to pay for it. I committed that day to daily meditations of 2 hours a day. I gave up all desire for material gain and surrendered my life to God, or you could say I recognized that there was a power greater than myself.

 Everything began to change after that; I was only concerned with feeling the love I felt in meditation and wanted to feel it all the time. And that is what I focused on, and that sense of purpose and direction continued to grow and grow. I was divinely guided to the Arcata School of Massage, which was the perfect place for me at the time. 

This was one of the most profound periods of growth in my life. I had the time and space to heal and meditate, and that is exactly what I did. Receiving 3 massages a week and meditating 2 hours a day caused a lot of growth and healing.

In Feb, 2012, I opened my healing practice in Arcata Ca, and have offered massage, coaching and meditation sessions ever since.

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