Massage with David

Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage

Q. How would you describe your Massage session?

A. The session first begins with an intake which simply means that we talk a little about how I can help you. I’ll tell you where to lay on the table and I will leave the room to wash my hands. I always let my clients know that it is best for me if you undress completely, however you should only undress to your comfort level.

I often compare my massage sessions to a yoga class. They start off slow and enjoyable. Then we will get into the work which can be intense at times. After your massage you will be deeply relaxed and you will leave ‘blissed out’.


Q. Do you practice a specific type of Massage?

A. Yes, I practice Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. I have an eclectic style that has been influenced by Lomi Lomi, Structural Integration, and Deep Tissue Massage. I also have an advanced understanding of working with your fields of energy.


Q. How long are sessions?

A. Session lengths can vary from 30 minutes to 4 hours.


Q. What is your Training?

A. By far my biggest influence is my Meditation Teacher Steven S. Sadleir founder of the Self Awareness Institute. He was extremely helpful in explaining and teaching healing that far surpasses traditional massage technique. I have also studied with Hugh Milne and I’m currently enrolled in his 2-year certification program for Craniosacral Therapy. I briefly studied Reflexology and Polarity Therapy. I am also a Reiki Master.


Q. Do you have any Certifications?

A. Yes, several. Personally, I am not that big on certifications. I will say that the two certifications that I am most proud of are my Spiritual Coach Certification and my Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification both from the Self Awareness Institute.


Q. Do you use Lotion or Oil?

A. I almost always use organic almond oil.


Q. How often do you recommend your clients receive a Massage?

A. The clients that have the most success and positive results come back regularly and over a long period of time. I often refer to a Bob Hope quote which reads “I get a Massage every day and I am going to live to be 100” He did and he did. That being said, I will work with you to make the best plan to suit your needs and circumstances.


Q. What makes you different as Massage Therapist, why should I choose you?

A. The main reason to choose me instead of another Massage Therapist is that I care and the work comes from my heart. You could say that I don’t even do the work, the Divine does it through me.

I have an athletic background so if you are an athlete, I will understand you in a way that a non-athlete never could. The most valuable piece is that I know how your head works and can help you through those mental challenges.

With 20 years of experience coaching, I know how to help you let go of things that are holding you back and get you to where you are going.


Q. Benefits of Receiving Massage and BodyWork?

A. “Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we have looked at.” Tiffany Field Ph.D

In my experience and observation, people that receive regular Massage live healthy lives with less pain and less stress. The simple act of making time for yourself to receive Massage is an act of self-love and love can heal or have a positive effect on all things.


David is the most incredible holistic healer, he makes you feel like you are his only client, he listens and knows what treatment is best for you, to me these are all very important qualities of a healer. If you are ever in Arcata, visiting David is a must! – Mary Ann

I met David last night for the first time for a massage. You can really feel all the energy and intention he puts into body work. I went into that appointment feeling stressed, heartbroken, and frustrated. It was a very calming and relaxing atmosphere. The massage was everything I needed and I left feeling relaxed and with a clear mind full of optimism. – Melissa

I just got the best massage from David. Respectful, kind, and actually did an amazing job getting my body free from knots, tension, and stress. I’d recommend him over anyone. – Golddust

This was an amazing healing experience! I highly recommend David Sandercott. – Stella

Felt super blissed after my session. Comfortable, hip, and safe environment. David has healing hands and isn’t afraid to go deep even on a petite woman like me. As an aerialist in the making, my body trains hours a day, and after my first session, his work lasted nearly two weeks. Highly recommend him!!! -Britta

Had an amazing experience with David…worked out some tough spots. Knew exactly how to deal with stress and tension. I’m going back!!! – Keith

This guy is great. I went to him with some pretty serious issues and he did his best to first listen and then help. I really suggest seeking him out. Thanks David. – James

Just had an AMAZING massage with David Sandercott! He is so good…you NEED one from him!!! My body feels way more open, receptive, and free. – Micki

David uses his hands to transmit love to the body. I have never experienced a massage where I felt so held and encompassed by loving energy. Each movement felt intentional and graceful; slow gestures that encouraged release, not only physically, but emotionally as well. David exercises patience, waiting for the body to soften under his touch. This is much more than a massage; it’s an experience that encompasses the spirit. It feels like he is reading the body’s energy, listening with his hands and responding appropriately. During my last massage, I was so at peace and content that if in that moment, I had died on the massage table, it would have been o.k! – Jenni B., Yoga Teacher and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

I had a wonderful massage from David yesterday. Actually, “wonderful” doesn’t begin to cut it. I requested the treatment from David on the strength of his testimonials. This morning, I reread Jenni B. words and I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with every sentence, including the last one about dying on the table! David’s technique is different from those of other massage therapists I’ve encountered in that what he does, with your participation, creates an emotional and spiritual as well as physical experience. Through his treatment, I was brought into awareness of aspects of myself I had forgotten or neglected, and I walked out the door knowing where I needed to make changes. Later in the evening, I went to our elementary school’s Mother-and-Son Night Out with my two boys at SkyZone. Not only did I survive hours of trampoline dodgeball with a flock of blood-thirsty 8-to-10-year-old boys, but I succeeded in totally kicking their butts! The highlight of the day was when my older son, 10, gave me the best compliment ever as he went to bed. “Mom,” he said, “I had a great time with you tonight. And I was really proud. All my friends and I agreed that you were the best of the moms in dodgeball.” Ha. And I’m not even sore today! Many thanks, David, for giving me such a healing gift. – Amanda W.

BEST massage EVER! My body has never felt better. It is still radiating and feeling so balanced and open! My energy field has been so powerful and all the little places I was holding on to this or that in my muscles have melted away. Melted! Your community is so lucky to have you. Your technique and combo of deep energetic healing plus deep, highly conscious heart-centered massage is incredibly healing, lasting, heart and chakra opening and…anti aging! I feel like the rejuvenation happened at a very deep level. Thank You – Shereen E. Atlanta, Georiga

David is amazing. The more I went to see him the more he learned my quirky body and what helped me to relax. I always leave feeling all floaty and like I probably shouldn’t drive! He has always been flexible in scheduling a massage and sends me a reminder the day before (although I always looked so forward to seeing him I didn’t forget!) David has a very positive energy and is a very caring individual which I find important in anyone that is going to help me feel better. – Kelly C.

David is as good as it gets! Everyone that I’ve referred him to in LA keeps asking me when he’s coming back through. We all want him back in LA! He is a gifted healer and an amazing guy. His massages are always exactly what is needed.   Run don’t walk (and if you can’t run, he’ll help you get back to where you can!). – Jeffery M.

I cannot speak highly enough of David’s skills as a massage therapist. He is very attuned to his clients’ needs, physical, emotional, mental, etc. For me, I prefer deep tissue massage. David uses his athletic background providing strong hands to help work out muscle knots from physical activity or stress. He also has an energy that is calming and soothing, taking time to just be present and therapeutic with soft healing hands–providing the best of both worlds! Tell David what you want or need and you won’t be disappointed. – Natalynne D.

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