Discover Your Power!

Systemize your life in a simple and magnetic way to create freedom and a life you love


Give yourself a professional edge!

Discover Your Power is designed to help you master your daily habits so that you reach your goals and dreams in an easy and satisfying way. If you don’t write down your goals, use a daily planner, or track your daily activities in a project management system, then this course is for you.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was very fortunate to get into bodybuilding. At that time, there was a magazine called Muscle Media. A man named Bill Phillips was the editor. I read a short article he wrote on how to build self confidence, and I was massively inspired. What I learned from Bill that day is at the very core of everything I teach. It was so simple, and so effective: define your top 5 priorities in life. Create a daily list of one thing you have to do in that area of your life, write it down and, after you complete the task, cross it off your list (Don’t forget to draw a line through completed tasks!). There is so much power in crossing things off a list after you complete a task, do this day in and day out and watch your confidence soar!

When you do this everyday, you really start building momentum for improvement in all areas of your life. It is discipline in life’s daily habits that will set you free.

You Will Master The 5 Steps to Creating a Life You Really Love– a Life Without Limits!

  • Create a Crystal Clear Vision of Yourself and Life Direction

  • Make A Plan And Work Your Plan

  • Empower Yourself In at least One Area Over The Next Year

  • Optimize Your Physical, Social and Mental Environment

  • Master Your Mindset with Meditation and the technique of Letting Go 

You’ll Also Begin to Apply The 10 Denominators of Success!

  • Meditation/Compilation

  • Visualization

  • Journaling

  • Positive Input (Affirmations, Declarations, Auto Suggestion)

  • Mastermind With Successful People

  • Income Producing Activity

  • Exercise / Play

  • Learn Something New

  • Track & Measure Constant Support 

  • Accountability 

Overall, this means you’ll…

  • Increase your confidence

  • Learn to let go and forgive

  • Create habits of happiness and success

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

Module 1: Creating Your Unstoppable Self-Image and Life Goals

  • Establish rules of course and what you can expect
  • Create a powerful and unstoppable self-image
  • Create crystal-clear goals and a vision for your life

Module 2: Make a Plan and Work It

  • Become crystal-clear on your top five priorities
  • Create clear goals for the next week, month, three months, and year
  • Determine your Five Daily Habits For Success
  • Begin to form new habits for success

Module 3: How To Create Momentum

  • How to create momentum and overcome procrastination
  • Why consistency is king
  • Why being prepared creates peace

Module 4: Improve Yourself In One Area Over The Next Year

  • Become crystal-clear on the single most-important area of your life to improve
  • Make a plan for how you’ll improve in this skill
  • Make mastering this skill a new daily habit

Module 5: Revealing Questions

  • Come to know yourself on a deeper level
  • Catch-up week

Module 6: Optimize Your Physical, Mental, and Social Environments

  • How your physical space is the most-overlooked area for your success
  • How positive input equals positive output
  • How you’re the sum of the five people closest to you

Modules 7-12: Mindset Mastery

The remaining modules focus on Mindset Mastery, which accounts for 92% of your success in this course. You will learn:

  • How to “Let Go”
  • Meditation
  • The Peace Process
  • How to create Power Programs
  • The World’s BEST Goal-Setting Method
  • How to do “The Work”

Discover Your Power is another way of saying discover the power within you; that power is Love. You become truly powerful because when you become more loving, kind and forgiving, you will also become certain, directed, and clear. Loving yourself is the critical first step of discovering your power.

Additional Information:

  • Because this will be a small somewhat intimate group of 6-10 people, you will first need to schedule Your “Discover Your Power” Coaching Session!


There will be a 10-Minute Meditation before each class, with an additional two meditations every week. 

BONUS  for signing up, you will be invited to attend my “Meditation Mastermind” group conference call classes for 12 weeks, AND invited to join my Facebook Group with 50 guided meditations!