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About David

David Sandercott has been helping people for over ten years as a coach in business, meditation, mindset, healing, weight loss and more. David has been meditating for over 20 years, and trained with a spiritual master for 11 years.

David has become an expert in helping people find the happiness and peace they seek, while improving their overall health and well being.

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In 1998, I read a book that completely changed my life. The book told me I could do absolutely anything in this life, I just have to meditate and believe in myself.

I began my journey by deciding to be the world’s shortest high fashion model. Three years later, I was being featured in Vogue Magazine, earning up to $9k a day for modeling, all while standing at just 5’3″ tall.

Nearly all of us have searched for happiness, peace, freedom and prosperity. Our quest for fulfillment sometimes leads us astray by causing us to focus on the external, when what is needed is to focus on the internal and create sense of inner peace.

In my book, 21-Day Meditation Journey: Connect with Spirit Every Day in a New Way, I guide you through the process of daily meditation, illustrating how it can unlock inner peace and happiness you never knew you possessed.

You’ll learn how meditation can increase your mental clarity and focus, and even – like my modeling journey – change your life

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