Meditation Mastermind Community

What is a Meditation Mastermind Community?

A Mastermind most simply put is two or more people coming together in the spirit of harmony to achieve a common goal. In this case, the common goal is to evolve ourselves to our highest spiritual potential through meditation. We all support each other and we all participate in class. Even if it is by just silently sending love to each other.

And a community is what we are. My favorite definition of community is a group of individuals where nobody gets left behind, we are here to support one another in every way that we can.

What do you do?

We connect twice via Teleconference, we say hi and I lead a meditation.

Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm Pacific time we have a meditation based around a book that we are all engaged in. Currently, we are studying Dr. David Hawkins.

We have covered several books in the past. Examples of some favorites are the Tao Te Ching, Think and Grow Rich, Gospel of Thomas, and The Abundance Book, along with many others. After we review the book and meditate we all take some time to share our experiences and what we learned.

We also connect on Thursday at 6:00 am Pacific time. This is where we learn different meditations that I have learned in my 20 years of meditation practice. After the Meditation, we all take some time to share our experiences and what we learned.

It seems weird the Meditate over the phone?

Yes, I hear that a lot. However, it is how I learned to meditate for the most part. And what is the difference between listening to an app on your phone, or listening to a recording on Youtube? In fact, using the teleconference system is more powerful because we get to connect live and there is more energy, plus everybody gets to know each other. I mean it is a meditation community right 🙂

Can I audit the classes before I enroll?

First, schedule a time for us to have a brief conversation so I can get to know you a little bit and what your goals are. Then I will give you access to the classes/community and you can take a test drive. Visit and book a 15-minute coffee call with me, it does not cost anything.

How much does the Meditation Mastermind cost?

The investment to join the Meditation Mastermind Community is $97 a month.

However, since we don’t want anybody to get left behind if you really want to join and $97 a month is just too much of a financial commitment for you let’s have a talk.

What benefits can I expect to receive from joining the Meditation Mastermind Community?

Here is what Pamela had to say.

“If you are ready for a direct connection to Source and rapid positive change in your life, you might want to work with David Sandercott. The easiest and most vivid way for me to express my experience while meditating with David, for only a few weeks, is to make the analogy of going through open-heart surgery. It feels as if, in every session, my heart opens, and Spirit shines her light into all the hidden places where plaque build-up and blockages reside. At the end of each gathering, I am left feeling as if new blood is pumping unrestricted through my veins. My heart, mind, and soul beating in rhythm with a higher power. While personally seeking to live in oneness, the result has been an easier and shorter work-day, (going with the flow), and a love for life and what I am becoming increases with each new morning.” – Pamela Chapman, Founder, Yucatan Wellness Corporation.

This is what Megan had to say.

“David Sandercott has activated my meditation practice with his ability to challenge growth with self-empowerment and consciousness teachings. He is especially wise in how he brings historical, religious, yogic and new age teachings and theories together that culminate into a unique consciousness practice. I spoke with a woman friend this week who said in reference to depression and divorce, “David literally saved my life.” We both agreed we cherish his candidness and tempo as a fresh and welcomed style compared to other teachers we’ve had. GRATEFUL!” – Megan Tolbert

The Meditation Mastermind Community is just like anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. If you show up to class and practice meditation on your days off and you can expect all kinds of positive changes in your life.

You will be given the very best information and techniques that I have learned from the best teachers I could find over the last 20 years. This information and meditation techniques can cause rapid spiritual growth which will lead to a sense of peace and happiness you may have never experienced before. Prosperity becomes natural and effortless. Stress and anxiety will begin to disappear. Your overall quality of life will improve.

Enjoy a couple  of these guided meditation sessions for free: The Love You Seek and Devotion

You can join the Meditation Mastermind now and enjoy a $20 monthly discount for a limited time. Yes, I want to join the Meditation Mastermind Community.