Reconnective Healing

What is Reconnective Healing? 

Reconnective Healing is a fascinating healing technique discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl. It works with light, information, and energy. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques.

Reconnective Healing can assist you to:

  • Repair damaged DNA
  •  Return to an optimal state of balance
  • Peak your Performance.


How did you come to practice Reconnective Healing?

I was introduced to Reconnection in an amazing way, almost as amazing as Reconnective Healing itself. I started receiving spiritual counseling from a local healer in Arcata, CA: Jenner Cohen. She kept telling me that her guides really wanted me to perform  Reconnection Healings myself. Every single session over a 15-month period, her guides told her this, and she told me. I resisted and resisted was too ‘out there’ for me, too ‘new-agey.’ 

However, I was loving the sessions with Jenner. Then one day Jenner finally gave me the book of Reconnection. A few months later, I picked it up to read and could not put it down. I read the whole book in one day. I could feel the Reconnection frequencies working with me. That week I introduced the energy while working with my clients. I could see it was working and it was very tangible.

I was so inspired by what was happening with my clients. With just the information I learned in the book,  Reconnection was already making such a difference for people. I knew I needed more education, so I decided to sign up for the Level 1 and Level 2 Reconnective Healing Trainings in July 2014. The training was amazing and some of the best I’ve had in the field.

Even after the training, I was a little hesitant about offering The Reconnection as a service for clients and friends. In May, 2015, the floodgates opened. One person booked a session, which led to multiple bookings, and people’s lives were changing. I saw first hand what a difference this was making.

I did not intend to do distance healings, it just felt like too much. Then I called The Reconnection headquarters to sign up for my Reconnection Certified Practitioner Program and I found out that, as a prerequisite, I had to do 2 distance Reconnective healings. Within 24-hours, a client reached out to me whom I met when they were in town visiting family. She was ready for the Reconnective Distance Healing. By the end of the week, I did my second distance healing.

Since then, I have learned more and conducted many distance Reconnective healing sessions. I now feel confident that I am being divinely guided to do this work and I’m thrilled to be offering it.


What can I expect to experience during a session?

Common things that people experience during a Reconnective Healing Session:

  • Energy moving throughout the body
  • Tingling sensations, heat or coolness
  • Emotional blocks being ‘pulled’ out of them
  • Inner visions
  • A feeling of being levitated
  • A release of strong emotions
  • A feeling of bliss
  • Deep relaxation
  • An overall sense of well-being and balance
  • Relief from minor pain and inflammation
  • Aches and pains disappearing
  • Arthritis pain completely vanishing
  • Feeling less affected by life’s stresses
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • A deeper sleeping pattern after the healing
  • An increase in energy


What occurs during a Reconnective Healing Session?

It is pretty simple. We will connect over the phone, or in person if you live in Humboldt.

We will have a brief discussion; I don’t really need to know anything about you.

In a distance healing session, you will lie down somewhere comfortable that is not your bed. Some people prepare a yoga mat or blanket.  And the session will begin. People always seem to know when the session begins and ends, even when they are in another country. 

During either a distance or office Reconnective Healing session, I will be working with my hands off of you almost the whole time. When you are receiving the work, you will simply want to lay down, eyes closed, do nothing, and pay attention to what you notice. What do you feel, hear, taste, see, smell? You may start moving around or twitching during the session, which is perfectly normal. You might have an intense vision or simply experience deep relaxation and a sense of calm. After the session, we will have a debriefing and talk about your experience. The healing can continue for several weeks after the session.


Why do people come in for Reconnective Healing?

People all over the world receive Reconnective Healing for any problem or pathology, as you might imagine. People often come to me for Reconnective Healing because they are looking for something Spiritual in nature. Typically, at one point in their life they had felt more connected spiritually, and then, as time went on, life happened: they had a kid or got married and 15-20 years passed by;  now they realize they are ready again for a spiritual practice. Almost everybody who receives Reconnection from me starts Meditating or deepens their spiritual practice.


Who is Dr. Eric Pearl?

Dr. Eric Pearl was one of the most successful chiropractors in Los Angeles, and one day everything changed for him, weird things started happening. The most astounding thing was the healings people were having with him.  Learn more about Dr Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing.


Here is what some Reconnective Healing clients have to say:

I can recommend reconnection healing with David. Your life will never be the same.   ~ Mary-Ann S. Sacramento, CA


“Thank you again David for the Reconnective Healing. BTW there is a huge physical difference in my left leg. I have an autoimmune disease that presents as red swollen spots on my legs. The medical treatment is worse than the disease so I just live with it and wear a lot of long skirts. They were still very red yesterday – it takes about 6 wks for one to go away, which stinks because they are quite painful. The two on my left leg are both just normal color and significantly smaller as well as pain free.”

~Lisa C., TX

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