Spiritual Business Coaching

Q:  What exactly does a Spiritual Business Coach do?


I help solopreneurs grow their business by attracting more clients, cash flow, and what they want using proven meditation and mindset mastery techniques.


Q:  How does somebody hire you as a coach?


The first step is to book a one on one “Master your Mindset” coaching session. The first session is free, although there is a $30 dollar scheduling fee. In this session, we get crystal clear on what the client wants to create over the next 6-12 months. We also uncover any hidden blocks that might be preventing progress, and we will enjoy a meditation together.


I explain my 5 Step coaching method for achieving your specific dreams and goals.. We discuss costs and various options for beginning to work with me. First sessions are generally about 60 minutes long.


Q:  Do people really need a coach to be successful?  


I cannot answer that question for you. I can tell you that I was unsuccessful with my coaching business until I hired a coach, and I also did not have success with my spiritual practice until I found a spiritual coach. Some very well known people who use coaches include Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, and Serena Williams

This is just a small list that goes on and on. However, if billionaire business moguls, famous actors, and athletes, along with a past President of the United States use coaches, it stands to reason that having a coach can be very helpful.


Here are 3 great reasons to hire a coach:

  • The most successful people in the world hire coaches
  • You now have someone in your corner who is 100% committed to your success
  • You will have someone closely monitoring, tracking, and holding you accountable for your growth and progress.


Q:  How long do you work with people?


A typical length of time is often  6-12 months for regularly scheduled, ongoing one-on-one coaching sessions; however, I have had clients with me for 3 years now in the group coaching courses and formats that I offer. Ongoing support is one of the major keys to business and overall life success.


Q:  What kind of results can I expect while working with you?


You can expect to begin creating whatever it is that you most want to create. Most people want to earn more money and have more time to be with their family and/or do the things they most love. While we are creating those things and you begin to meditate, you can expect to experience less stress and anxiety and begin to experience more peace and happiness.


Q:  How will meditating and mastering my mindset help me grow my business?


Let me quote Jack Canfield, the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. He is a pretty successful businessman.


“I attribute much of my success to the importance of mindset, meditation, and masterminding. They have contributed much to my life and you too can enjoy their benefits as well with a little effort.”   ~ Jack Canfield


Most people want to put skill set before mindset. However, if you do not have the mindset of success, your skill is not that important. It is like doing things out of sequence; first Master your Mindset, then all things will be possible. (When we get together for coaching sessions, that is Masterminding.)


With meditation and mindset mastery techniques, the biggest core challenges people tend to have been eliminated…


  1. Lack of Clarity
  2. Lack of Concentration
  3. Lack of Confidence


By improving these 3 areas of your life, everything else in your life will improve.


Q:  What kind of work can I expect to be doing?


It has been said that success is a 92.6% inner game; that inner game will be the focus of our work. We will be exposing limiting beliefs, surrendering and letting go all of which does not serve you, and reprogramming your mind for success and happiness.


Here is what a couple of my clients have to say:


~David has guided me to a habit of daily meditation and I have seen my home-based business flourish since beginning with him. I strongly recommend David if you are struggling with your small business strategies for success.

Dawn S. Winthrop, MA


~David’s meditation and business coaching are propelling me to the next level! Thank you David!

Karen M., New York City, NY