A three-day,  life-changing experience that will give you the tools you need to create your ideal life filled with happiness, peace and freedom!


Join us for this special live event!

WHAT: A Life-Altering Seminar To Help You Live Your Best Life

WHERE: Sequoia Conference Center, 901 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501

WHEN: Nov 7th, 9am-9pm  and Nov 8th, 9:30am – 6pm

Hosted by David Sandercott: Author, Spiritual Life, and Business Coach



David Sandercott has been helping people for over ten years as a coach in business, meditation, mindset, healing, weight loss and more. David is the expert in helping people find the peace and happiness they seek, while improving their overall health and well being.

Special Guests


Monk, 50 years young, 3x Pro natural body builder Meditation instructor, trainer, public speaker, and author. Monk went from a life of alcoholism, drugs, and violence to a life sobriety, peace, and purpose. Learn how he did it.



Kate is currently the Brand Muse & VP of Business Development for Guide Social, helping connect superfans to great companies. Kate has over 12,000 hours coaching individuals and teams, Kate has effectively activated her executive and entrepreneurial leaders to climb out of their own “wheelchairs” to personal success. Learn how Kate went from a wheelchair to a six-figure income!


More Special Guests

To Be Announced Soon!

This transformative event will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what your transformed life will look and feel like.

  • Create your ideal self image.

  • Make a plan with big goals; write it out – down to the daily actions you will need to do to accomplish that goal.

  • Create the mind programs that you will use to reprogram your mind for optimal performance.

  • Uncover hidden blocks that are getting in the way of the Life you can really love.

  • Learn a simple healing technique to create peace in all areas of your life. You will be able to use it for the rest of your life.

  • Learn a powerful meditation that is simple to learn. You will feel confident that you are “doing it right.” 

  • Learn to let go of all those things weighing you down so you can be happy and free, so you can live a Life Without Limits.

  • And so much more!

Overall, this means you’ll…

  • Increase your confidence

  • Learn to let go and forgive

  • Create habits of happiness and success

Additional Information:

  • Lunch Will Be Provided Saturday and Sunday

  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION Before March 15th – $1,997  $197!


  • Stacy M.
    Stacy M.

    David is the most amazing coach, teacher, and healer. I went to him for help with my business and because I was suffering almost constant anxiety, had trouble sleeping, felt stuck and was very frustrated with life. With David’s coaching, I learned to look within and to realize the blocks and fears that were standing in my way and how to overcome them through forgiveness, surrender, and meditation. I was hesitant to learn meditation at first, not thinking I could do it, having a busy overthinking mind. Even so, David guided me through and after time I was able to find complete peace within myself. This has been one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for. My life has changed for the better in so many ways and I feel truly blessed to have met David.

  • Frankie R.
    Frankie R.

    I’ve been working with David for almost 6 months, and in that time David has significantly helped me in areas such as business spirituality and my individual practices. Since working with David I am more decisive I have finally started my own business! I constantly receive feedback from David on how to grow and make my business more profitable. On an individual basis, David has helped me establish a morning practice, and through his group meditations and events, my daily practice has grown tremendously!

  • Deb G.
    Deb G.

    Working with and receiving coaching from David has been valuable in a multitude of ways. I was seeking transformational ways to grow my own coaching business, and David guided me to see that my gifts were there but I was keeping them hidden. Through his practice of meditation and coaching, he led me to see the blocks that were holding me back from my highest potential. David listened and was there to bounce ideas off with complete openness, no judgment and a voice of one who has experienced what it is needed to move through the blocks in order to succeed in whatever endeavor in life you are looking to fulfill.

  • Meagan T.
    Meagan T.

    David Sandercott has activated my meditation practice with his ability to challenge growth with self-empowerment and consciousness teachings. He is especially wise in how he brings historic, religious, yogic and new age teachings and theories together that culminate into a unique consciousness practice. I spoke with a woman friend this week who said in reference to depression and divorce, “David literally saved my life.” We both agreed we cherish his candidness and tempo as a fresh and welcomed style compared to other teachers we’ve had. GRATEFUL!

  • Donna H.
    Donna H.

    David’s one on one and group coaching programs are life-changing! I loved learning ways to enhance, empower, accelerate, and achieve my life’s goals with concrete methods, tools, and skills for optimizing my thoughts, habits, and action steps. Do yourself a huge life favor by contacting David to hear more.

  • Jessica P.
    Jessica P.

    David is genuine, generous, and good-hearted! He has offered me a safe pathway to embark on my spiritual journey with support and love. I appreciate what he does for the community and what he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone who needs healing and support!

  • EJ S.
    EJ S.

    I recently attended David’s meditation event; For the Sake of Love. My time was well spent with our intentions, breathing exercises, silent sits, and instruction on the yogi way of life in the world, as it is, today. As a beginner to day-long meditation gatherings, I was so well instructed and coached that I sat for 40 minutes without my self interrupting the process. I applaud David’s guidance. I will happily attend his other events and look forward to each.

  • Pamela C.
    Pamela C.

    If you are looking for a true healing experience, need answers, and are not afraid to experience the presence of God in the purest form, I recommend attending the next four-day healing retreat held by David Sandercott.

  • David R.
    David R.

    I highly recommend David’s events for clarity, resolve, and perspective, as well as other valued concepts. I am grateful to have him in the area to convey what he has learned.

  • Karen M.
    Karen M.

    David’s meditation and business coaching are propelling me to the next level! Thank you! Thank you, David!